Duke Nukem’s 23rd Dream

11 09 2008

Babaente showed up Wednesday evening at the Temple of the Three Winds (TOTW) to find a reasonable looking crowd milling about outside. This made it look like she would be sure to find a team. After inspecting most of the toons there however, odds did not look that good as most were in the upper range allowed there (40-60).

Eventually she did hook up with 3 others, 2 MAs and a fixer. They were already inside, so Babaente had to try to get to them solo. Fortunately she was able to follow several higher level players in through the first hall, which was clear.

She caught up with her team in the start of the L shaped hall on the left. She soon found out that the new nuke she had just acquired, Weak Gravity Collapse, took too long to cast to be useful. It takes roughly 9-12 seconds to cast, which is about the time it takes 2 MAs to take down a low level cultist. Once the reached the bend in the hall, she switched back to using a less powerful, but faster casting damage nano. They proceeded to fight their way to the first big hall where the crossroads are, and were taking their time cleaning it of cultists.

Something came up that required the fixer to log, and as a result, one of the MA’s decided it was time to log also. The lone MA and Babaente were still doing ok taking down single cultist when Babaente got into trouble. They had been running from the west end, empty of cultists to the east end, with the MA in the lead, when a cultist spawned just as Babaente was passing. The MA had ran all the way to the other end of the room, and other cultist were starting to spawn next to Babaente, so she tried to run to where the MA was, but the combined damage from several cultists was too much for her to withstand for long. The MA had engaged one of the slightly higher mobs there, an acolyte, and could not help Babaente. She tried casting her fastest nanos but it was a losing situation, and she was soon back at reclaim.

When she healed and returned there were no toons there within range for her to team with, so after waiting around for a while with no more showing up, she logged off.

Since nothing was going on at the Temple for Babaente, Babaoroody decided to hunt low level Rhinomen for some better armor for Babaente. Close to the Temple of the Three Winds is small 20-80 level Rhinoman camp. The camp is to the south west of the temple just north of a player city in the center of a crater. Baba, spent about a half hour farming Rhinomen there, and came away with 10 or 12 pieces of Rhinoman armor. There were no pieces of low enough quality for Babaente to equip, but quite a few that she could use after she leaves the subway and gets into the upper title 2 range.

Later Babaente did a little research on the net and then did some number crunching. During her last couple of visits to the temple, she had been going on the apparent advice of the nuke tables at auno.org and ramoraks page.

Ramorak's dynamic NT nukes table

Ramoraks dynamic NT nukes table

Where she had made her mistake was taking the tables at face value. The tables present the nukes in a damage per second fashion. This may be useful when evaluating nukes for outdoor combat and kiting. Real life in a dungeon like the Temple is completely different. The nuke with the highest DPS is not the best nuke for a dungeon. To support a team in the temple, the average single mob fight is 10 seconds. This eliminates a few major nukes that take that much or longer to cast. She crunched some numbers to calculate how the nukes perform within 10 seconds by dividing 10 seconds by the cast time, rounding that down to a whole number, and then multiplying that times the average damage for each nuke. This revealed a completely different order for NT nukes that require 177 or less MC to cast. The top nano in this situation is Chilling Stream with 106 damage in 10 seconds, with Abyssal Flames and Condensed Halon Jet coming next.

Auno.org's nuke tables

Auno.orgs nukes table

The best AOE nuke in this situation is the Brief Poison Fog which will do 72 points damage over 10 seconds. Using an AOE nuke may not be advisable in large open areas of the dungeon where it may attract more mobs than needed, but it can be useful in tight small rooms where there are only a few mobs, and then only if they have already been aggroed.

While it is still good to have nukes like Weak Gravity Collapse doing 228 damage average on a single cast. The situations where there is time to take almost 12 seconds to cast are few, at least in dungeon situations. Few team players in the temple will have the patience or motivation to let the NT lead off each attack by having to wait for a `12 second cast. It can still be useful where the NT has the time to lead off an attack with this, since it does not aggro the mob until the damage is done.

NT’s also have allot of flexibility in choosing their damage type to suit the mobs, however this is limited, since most of the time, one has no idea what a particular mobs vulnerabilities are. It can be very useful in PVP where one may have some idea of the AC wholes in each type of armor.




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