Subway Payback

9 09 2008
Senpai Tertius Decus Armor Coat, gift from Baba

Senpai Tertius Decus Armor Coat, gift from Baba

Over the past weekend Baba continued to hunt dynas and help Babaente now and then.  He had no luck in finding the elusive Skill of Highlander. He thinks he can perhaps stand another week of this before it will get to be too much.  In between dyna camp trips he stopped off in Athens a few times to check in on Babaente and provide her with a few gifts.  These included a set of ql30 store bought implants.  He checked his bank but could not find any armor items that had low enough requirements for her, so Baba’s omni trader Tireen made the rounds of Omni Trade basic shops and returned with a nice set of mostly worn cyber armor that should hold Babaente until she levels enough to equip some nice carbonum.  Baba also helped purchase another round of NT nanos that she should be able to equip while under level 25.

Babaente started the weekend at level 19 which is an awkward level for NT’s.  This is because many of the lower level mobs are now gray to her, and the new yellow level mobs do damage faster than the puny nukes she has at this point.   A quick perusal of the nano chart showed that in one or two levels she would be able to equip nanos that would do twice as much or more than what she had been doing.  Fortunately she did not have to solo at this stage and hooked up with a small team that actually made it all the way to Abby.

On the way she got totally lost at the spiral stairway.  She had paused while her teammates ran down it first, so when she got to it, a trick of perception caused her to run UP the stairs, which go up and then drop you off back where you started.  At first this was totally confusing because it is partly an optical illusion.  It looks like you are going down, and it looks like you have reached another level.  Only after some head scratching did she figure out the down side was on the right.  Babaente picked up at least one level before they were wiped by Abby.

Long stairs, leads to dead end hide out.

Long stairs that lead to a dead end hide out.

When she returned on Saturday evening, she was killing slum runners down by the deep subway entrance, when a MP with dual skulls asked her to team which she did, on the way they picked up one other player.  This MP was incredible, killing practically every mob in the deep subway in seconds, so fast that Babaente rarely got a single cast off before they were dead.  It was not enough for Abby, which quickly flattened all three.  When checking it seemed to at odds.  It showed the team mates as being much higher levels, and being at those levels  a week earlier, so we will not trust that data for now.  There is no telling where the problem lies.

There was the usual occasional team chat lag and even a few link deaths over the weekend, but no more than usual.

This player was just incredibly fast.  Babaente was pressed just to keep up in the same room, much less have time to inspect their information or send bot inquiries.

Later that after noon, she leveled her self up to 23 mainly off slum runners and the fleas in the farthest back washroom on the right or south.  She frequented the striker area, but the teams there were too low for her now.  Finding a room full of lowbies leveling off strikers did have a payoff. She was able to proceed to the Strike Foreman and take him down without getting swarmed by other strikers.  This was sweet payback for all the times Baba as a lowly enforcer had been wiped here.  To make it even sweeter, there was the drop of Boots of Infinite Speed, which is a bit of a misnomer.  The boots do not have to be worn, but have a temporary speed boost that can be activated when the item is in your inventory.  The actual speed boost is +30 run speed for 10 minutes, not infinite, but still useful for lowbies.

Once she got several AOE nukes, she practiced kiting muggers in the main entry hall for a while.  Another sweet payback came when she paid a visit the Shadows the bunch up in the central section.  She was able to kite about 7 and drop them all using her second nuke, and came out of it with more than 50% health.  While it was slow progress, it was exciting since Babaoroody had always had to avoid this bunch when solo.

Later in the evening she got a chance for some Eumenides payback, when someone trained him to the upper subway hall just near the dead end next to the strikers room.  There were several teams there, plus a few solo players, and everyone jumped into the battle.  It was Babaentes first time to really contribute towards putting this bad guy down.

Later she did hook up with another NT, Weth, who suggested the go out and ‘nuke something‘.  They were a pretty good team, having no problems with dealing damage, but a bit squishy, requiring plenty of stops to heal and recharge nano.  On the way they collided with another small team, and once they both reached Abby’s area, the two teams joined.  The team made a pass around the level, taking down just about every single native mob until all that remained was Abmouth.  The Doc protested, but secretly Babaente thinks they all knew that they probably would not be successful, due to their newbi skills and lacking any tanks.

Babaente got a bit nervous as she dinged to 24 after reaching the bottom level, and the action was so non stop, she had not been able to get to her settings screen to turn off experience.  She did not want to level to 25 and then be stuck in the dungeon.  Since 24 is the highest level one can enter the subway, she did not want to hit 25 yet because she has not had her fill of the deep subway yet and she would like to leave with at least one positive Abby outcome.

Babaente is a very reinforcing influence for Babaoroody, providing first hand experience on why tanks like Baba are needed.  Yes Enforcers may not deal as much damage, but they keep the aggro off the squishies long enough for them to do their major damage.

The group paused for this debate about attacking Abby, that Babaente was finally able to get to her setup screen and turn off experience.

  • Weth – lvl 20 clan nano male NT
  • Lovelucy – lvl22 clan opifex female Doc
  • Mezzedj00 – lvl20 clan nano male Crat
  • Princexavord – lvl22 clan opifex male Eng
  • Rotpada – lvl22 clan solitus female Crat

The team got blindsided by several adds right away, so that by the time Abby was strolling around, they had their hands more than full.   Before she could get of his line of sight, Abby clobbered Babaente so hard that she could barely move. While she tried in vain to reach a hiding place Abby sent her back to reclaim with another massive blow.

Tree landing after high altitude de-yalm over Athens

Tree landing after high altitude de-yalm over Athens

On Sunday  Baba was not able to pick up a single team, and spent most of her time just exploring the upper subway and trying out some nano combinations.  At one point someone trained a huge batch of infectors up and Babaente used one of her recent hidden type areas as an escape route.
In the old subway station area facing in the direction of the strikers room, take the 1st door on the left.  In the small hallway, turn left through a small door and proceed down a very long flight of stairs.  Go through a door to another abandon subway tunnel that proceeds north and dead ends with a few crashed cars, and a non working ticket dispenser.  Due to pathing issues only one of the infectors managed to make it that far, making it easy pickings for Babaente.

That evening Babaoroody showed up again with some gifts that included a set of Worn Cyber Armor the Baba’s alt  omni trader Tireen bought at Omni Trade, a few more purchased NT nanos that she can now equip, and several that required buffs from Baba to equip.  The armor was needed since the nice newcomers armor stops upgrading at level 15.  In addition Baba brought a Senpai Tertius Decus Armor Coat to replace that ratty vagabonds cloak.

After trying unsuccessfully to find a subway team, Babaente took the grid, (thanks to comp lit expertise buff), to Tir and then used the Boots of Infinite Speed buff to run to the clan outpost near the Temple of the Three Winds.  She made a insurance save there and then proceeded to the temple.  She got as far as the ramp up, when a huge spider sent her back to reclaim.

When she got over rezz sickness and she was able to return to the Temple.  No one there was interested with adding a lowbi 24 to their team, so she eventually tried going in solo.  This did not work out as just inside the door to the main entrance hall she was greeted by 7 or 8 already agitated mobs, who sent her back to reclaim before she could get more than one cast off.  She thought it was at least a try to see if she could get an Exarch robe before returning to see Abby off.




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