Rubi-Ka and RL

25 08 2008
Alien raid in progress at player city south of PW Borg base.

Alien raid in progress at player city south of PW Borg base.

Early morning Real Life commitments looming on Saturday morning prevented Baba from committing to any substantial outings this past Friday evening. Having only about 45 minutes to an hour available to him, Baba spent most of it in the Newland City shop, sorting his bank. While occupied thusly, Puppyhugger appeared and hungout for a while.

Once the commitments were out of the way on Saturday, Baba logged on in the early afternoon to be greeted almost immediately by Blammmo, a Angels of the Knight guild mate. Blammmo and Baba decided to run a team mission, and soon found themselves playing ‘find the entrance’ in the maze that is downtown ‘Home’ in Broken Shores. Blammmo is a adventurer, one of the most eclectic professions on Rubi Ka. An adventurer and enforcer alone make a curious 2 person team. While the adventurer often is smaller and more likely to be used to rely on sneaking through missions, this contrasts with the one head on clash at a time enforcer method. The mission was progressing well when, and they were on the second floor when the first problem popped up.

Baba is not sure exactly what happened. They were embroiled with two average level mobs, when a camera/sentry droid was tripped. Even though Baba was spamming mongo,and swinging fast attacks and brawls as fast as he could, the purple attack doids seemed to be attracted to Blammmo. With his health bar falling fast, he ran from the room they were in, out to the hall. Baba finished off the mobs in the room, and followed out into the hall and attacked the droids. It was not enough though to save Blammmo, who got sent back to reclaim.

A RL situation surfaced that called Blammmo and required him to log off. Having been there before, Baba understood and simply wished Blammmo well and then contemplated what this would mean in terms of him trying to finish the mission solo. It was at this point that Baba realized that in his recent team missions, he did not recall seeing pairs of mobs outside of the Boss room. Dual mobs are a common occurrence in Baba’s solo missions. They are hard enough for a solo Enforcer to deal with. Doubles of much higher level mobs is not something Baba wants to face. Baba took his time completing the remaining floors and did not come across any mob doubles.

The Boss room elevator beckoned with it’s Quake/Doom like symbol spinning endlessly. Baba formulated a plan of action. There was a spirit shrine in the room next to the elevator. Baba’s plan was to start at the shrine, activate the fire fly heal over time, run to the elevator, face north and activate it.

He found himself is a large door/windowless room together with 3 mobs. Two were humanoid and one was an Avian Mate. A quick survey using the tab key revealed them in more detail. The weakest was a humanoid outlaw type. The Avain Mate was the next higher up, and the final Boss was another humanoid, running a blue halo/tinge and armed with a pistol.

Baba was able to pull the weaker humanoid over to one side of the room and managed to take it down. Baba was low in health, so he used the elevator to escape to the other room and heal. Once he was back at full health and his alphas had cycled, he went back. The two remaining mobs were close together, and Baba’s first attempt to pull one, brought both, and Baba’s health ran out before he managed to significantly damage either of the mobs.

Baba flew back from Newland City as quickly as he could and returned to the Boss elevator room. After entering he approached the mobs from a different direction, and this time was successful in pulling just the Avain Mate which Baba was able to take down with out a problem. Returning to the other room one more time to heal, Baba caught his breath and waited for his alphas to recharge.

Once he was ready, and all of his regular buffs were topped off, Baba flipped open a hot bar section he has not used. These were some basic buffs for 10-20 to things like weapon enhancement, agility, etc. Since getting his Double Sun 1k token board, he had not been taking advantage of the additional nano it provides. Baba had stopped loading these buffs previously because his nano pool was getting tight. He may not use these when teaming, so as to leave room for better team buffs, but when soloing a team mission Boss, any help is welcome.

The final Boss was around level 138. At first Baba tried kiting it Borg style, but that did not work. This mob was smart enough to stay put and keep shooting at Baba as he ran around the large room. Baba had to throw everything in his bag of tricks into this match. Barrow Strength, and Withered Flesh were activated, along with using his 20 second Assault Tank Armor shield. In the end it came down to whether Baba’s mongo could keep Baba alive long enough for his Panther to reduce the mobs health faster than Baba’s. It was very close, with Baba counting at least 4 mongos, and when the mob did keel over, Baba only had about 12% health left.

The plentiful team missin loot had Baba’s bags and he had to toss a few pieces of monster flesh to make room for the valuable loot found on the final Bosses. There were not super rare or expensive items, but several that were very good shop food. Only one thing puzzled Baba. After killing all the mobs in the mission, no tokens were awarded. He find one item he his looking forward to equipping. It was a bracer of reflection – physics ql 138. The downside is that it is an unique item and since he already had a much lower quality one, he could not pick it up untill he took off and discarded the lower quality one. Baba when ahead and did this even though he cannot equip it for several more levels as it has a level requirement.

PW Borgless dune, Baba's calling card.

PW Borgless dune, Baba's surveys his handiwork.

Baba returned later that evening and headed out to the Perpetual Wastelands dunes for some solo Borg hunting. He managed to clear the dunes and fill his experience bar by half before it was time to log off. It takes roughly 60 Borg kills here for Baba to level while he is in his high title 4 levels. At first Baba had to use the hilly dune section near the landing pad because a high level NT was kiting the Borgs out on the big dune, which was rather impressive to watch from the air.




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