Some Rubi-Ka downtime

21 08 2008

Baba spent most of his time logged on during the past day or two, looking at his complete profile, (skill levels, implants, armor, etc.) with the intent of mapping out his next implant and armor upgrades. Baba’s at level 127 has implants ranging in QL from 126 to 157.

Baba's Armor setup at 127

Baba's armor set at 127, click for the rest.

After some initial calculations, Baba figures that in just a few more levels he should be with a comfortable froob striking distance of some QL 200 implants. This is based on only the most basic health buffs easily available to froobs, the surgery clinic for 100, a Doctors buff 80, his ring of presence 1, a med suit for 86. With one round of laddering treatment implants, at his current level would allow him to equip ql 194 implants, so once Baba adds 6 more points to his treatment skills it will be time start working on the upgrade.

On the armor side, Baba is still getting value out of a full set of QL111 carbonum. Surprisingly, even though he has found lots of Miyโ€™s in the 110 to 200 range, there is very little that he can equip that would present an improvement over his 111 carb. He did switch to a ql130 Miy’s Melee helmet, some ql 127 Rhinoman gloves, and a Miy’s ql 145 ranged breastplate recently. He really doesnโ€™t need the 2HandEdged boost any longer from the Rhinomen gloves, so he will definitely looking for another full set. At this moment he could easily equip some QL 140 carb with not extra buffs. With buffs he could equip up to around 160 and not be over equipped. He is going to wait until after he gets his next set of implants thought as they should up some of the needed skills enough to make a few levels higher difference in the carb.

Baba is pretty confident in contemplating pulling together the materials for the carb and thinks he knows what to expect in trying to find a tradeskiller to put it together. The implants are another story. He is saving all implants he finds over 129 and has a good cache of 150 to 200 ql pieces. He needs to review the information out there regarding stripping implants and bumping up their quality levels. From his initial review of what he has in stock, it may be a long time before he finds all the pieces he needs for a full set.

Tuesday evening, Baba made a Borg hunting expedition again to the dunes in northeast Perpetual Wastelands. The luck of the loot drop tables tonight seemed at first to be against him, as he was getting quite a few Borgs with no loot, or only filled with low quality shop food, and only one or two pieces of Miy’s armor. He did come across two Cyborg waist implants, one of which is very noteworthy as it gives 232 Heath! It is Atrox only, but conflicts with the need to get 2hedged skills from that slot. It could be something to keep in mind for after when IP gets capped, and he could spare the slot.

He had the dunes to himself, and had filled his experience bar to about 50% when he mis-judged a pull and could not fight his way out of 3 tough Borgs. When he returned after reclaim, he patiently worked his way accross the biggest dune a the far northwest corner, eventually clearing it completely of Borg and again filling his experience bar to 50%. After losing that much previously that evening, he decided to return to Newland City and hit the insurance terminal.




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22 04 2009

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