The trains of Perpetual Wastelands

18 08 2008

Baba returned to the northeast corner of Perpetual Wastelands Sunday morning. After surveying the area he decided to try his hand with the Borg at the edge of the dunes and the large helipad/landing area. Things went fairly well as he started pulling and killing a few Borg individually there. He had just finished looting one, when he looked up to see an entire army of Borg coming straight for him from the dunes. He started running back towards the landing area only to see more coming out from the base. Unfortunately he was not able to keep his distance from Borg coming from so many directions and at least one of them tagged him, making it impossible for him to activate his Yalm to escape easily.

He made a run for the sliver of land between the north edge of the base and the lake, with what seemed like hundreds of Generals and Lieutenant Colonel Borgs chasing him. At this point he noticed what looked like an high level NT or MP who seemed to be orchestrating the chain of events, purposly running alongside Baba, There was no attempt to communicate, so Baba had know way of knowing if this was meant as any thing other than hostile. Baba could not stop to discuss it, as that would have meant instant reclaim trip.

Baba has teamed with high level NTs before and had the benefit of quick leveling from their kiting and nuking of lots of mobs at once. Baba didn’t see a single nuke or any other attempt by the intruder to kill any of the mobs in this instance.

Baba was too busy trying to avoid Borg, it was like one of those ‘stumblin, bumblin’ pro football full length field runs with deadly blitzers all around. Baba managed to make it out into some open desert, and put enough distance and time between him and the nearest Borg, that the ‘in fight’ status ended, and he was able to activate his Yalm and escape.

Baba then flew back to the area to try and identify the person, something interrupted in RL (real life) and Baba had to park his Yalm on the cliff overlooking the base for a minute. While away, a Borg spotted Baba and picked him off with long range weapons fire, because Baba found himself back at Newland City reclaim. This was a bit of a let down, after escaping from the huge onslaught of Borg, only to be picked off by a single one. (Baba’s log did show he was killed by a single Borg’s ranged weapon damage. Next time RL requires Baba to park his Yalm in hostile territory, he will do so at a high altitude.

The training suspect will not be named here. If Baba were to train sandworms onto level 50-60 omni outside of the Temple of the Three Winds, he would not be proud of such behavior, nor want it broadcast.




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