Helipad transforms to trainstation

18 08 2008
Another train wreck in PW. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

Another train wreck in PW. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

After the training incident this past Sunday morning, it was that evening before Baba had a chance to log back on. It was rather late and he barely had an hour available, so he headed out to Perpetual Wastelands and the Borg Hideout. It is one of the more hard to reach spots on the planet with no grid or whompa exits in the region. The closest regular grid point is in the region to the west, Mort. So after leaving the Sentinels grid point in his Yalm, and crossing the PW border, he started spamming the system with /list commands to see if the trainer from the morning was around.

Things looked clear, so Baba proceeded to the northern most section of the dunes beside the landing pad or Helipad. Note: Despite the fact that helicopters are not depicted anywhere in Ruby-Ka, the landing pad is marked with a large H which many people take to mean Helipad.

Baba choose to pull Borg from the desert side because that was the side the Borg were the least dense, and so more safely pulled individually. Baba took his time and after about 45 minutes was getting very close to leveling. He arrived at the point where it was clear that one of the next few kills would give him a ding when he got an invite to join a team that were pulling Borg out of the base and onto the Helipad. Baba accepted, but in retrospect should have warned them that he only had a few more minutes before he had to log

Baba used his Yalm to hop over the 50 or so Borg between him and the team, and soon found himself at the Helipad teamed up with:

  • Nawky 146 MP atrox Neutral, member of NEPA
  • Stondric 130 MA solitus male Neutral, member of Atav
  • Blammo 110 Agent opifex male clan, member of liberation front

No one was eager to be the puller. Baba has had disastrous results trying to pull out individuals when he was solo from the Borg Hideout. Perhaps he should have volunteered to pull from the desert. Nawky, being the senior member, eventually took up the task and started pulling. The team took down a Cyborg Lieutenant General with little problem and there was a short breather where everyone was able to heal and catch their breath.

All of a sudden the team was drowning is a sea of Borg. Borg seemed to swarm in every direction. There was nowhere to run to, so the team did the best it could against the impossible odds. The team managed to take down 4 generals before being wiped. They would not have lasted that long if it had not been for Nawky’s heal pets, and Stondric’s heals. Since more adds would have been impossible, Baba was spamming his mongo at the end.

In team chat afterwards, it was the consensus that someone had trained the Borg horde on to them, but no one had been able to identify the party(s) responsible. Baba had mixed feelings. He was disappointed to witness this kind of poor behavior for a second time in one day. He was disappointed in the whole operation. Somewhere it seemed it would take a great deal of effort to ignore logs which show practically all the mobs in the northeast quadrant of a region being aggro-ed at the same time and the near simultaneous wipe of the only team in the region. Baba had been running list commands, and was convinced that his team was the only players in the region, knowing of course how the list command ignores players who have set them selves to anonymous.

He felt it was still a win for him, since, somewhere in that last stand, he had dinged to 127, and he had been planning on leaving soon anyway. While sitting at reclaim and talking in team chat, bystander Terryb (220 engineer solitus male Neutral, member of Neptueg Atav), provided Baba with several needed heals. (Baba wonders if he was an alt of/or knew Stondric)

Baba thanked the team and went to a shop to divy out his skill points and sort his latest loot before logging off. There is not much to relate regarding Baba’s skill point allotments. The only major change he has made since level 100 has been to stop putting points into Psychic. This has allowed him to finally max his 2 hand edge skill, so now he is working on maxing fast attack and brawl, after pumping all of his nano skills. The loot take included some nice Miy’s pieces, but nothing he could equip any time soon.




4 responses

19 08 2008

Heyas Baba,

i followed your Blog for a few days and i am really concerned about you being trained the second time at the same spot. Are you on RK-2? If so, i might be able to help you a bit. At least i can give you backup if the situation escalates a third time. I am a 178 NT by now and i am very familiar to the region. I never suffered training out there.

Give a /tell to Zzzzzzwap if you are interessted

21 08 2008

Thanks for the offer Zzzzzzwap!

To clarify, Baba does his thing on the RK2 server.

Hopefully it was just one of those things, I just report things as they come.

I will keep you in mind. :p

21 08 2008

Oh, and by the way: Don’t forget to have a look at TL5+ group if you hit TL5.
See for more. We are alway looking out for new members 😉


25 08 2008

That’s at level 150 and up right. Looking forward to it.

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