Sentinels not Omni friendly

16 08 2008
Unleashing his mug with the help of the new social tab options.

Unleashing his mug with the help of the new social tab options.

It looks like Baba needs to move on to find a location populated with Borgs of a higher level. Ever since Baba passed level 120, (he was hit 126 on his trip to Mort this past Thursday) he has noticed the experience points earned is starting to slip downward and the loot is getting worse. The first he is certain about, the loot part he is not so sure.

It seems like when he was killing Borg there when he was between levels 90 and 120, Miy’s armor droped on practically every other drop. In the last two nights, after filling 10 bags with loot, only 2 Miy’s pieces were seen. Baba has not heard of this before. His readings have indicated that loot drops are strictly derived from a table of loot and probabilities for each mob. He had never read of the players level entering in to the equation. Either he has missed something previously in his research, the game has been changed, or his conclusion is mistaken.

When Baba had reached filling his leveling experience bar to about 50%, and had 5 full bags of loot, he made a quick trip back to Newland to swap loot with his alt trader Tireen and resupply his med kits. Baba assumed that Tireen would be ablet to buy the advanced health kits at a lower cost than him, even from Newland terminals, but on a hunch he decided to check. The price to Baba in Newland for an advanced health kit that night was 17k. The price for Tireen was 20k. Tireen ran back to Omni trade via the ICC whompa in Newland and found her price there to be 19k. It must be that because Baba’s computer literacy is quite healthy after getting the Double Sun token board boost that it outweights the low level trader advantage. One less reason to use Tireen to buy things at this point.

Sentinels and clanners get along just fine.  Omni need to give them a wide berth.

Sentinels and clanners get along just fine. Neutrals and Omni need to give them a wide berth.

At one point Baba had just finished off a Borg close to the Sentinal guards near the downramp that leads to thier outpost in the center of the crater when a level 90 Omni MP with several pets ran up out of nowhere and asked Baba to team. Baba thought why not, and they took off around the rim counter clockwise. It’s been so long since Baba has teamed at all and especially at Mort, he totally forgot about checking to see if any teammates are omni since the Sentinels will attacke Omni on sight. Perhaps the MP was new to Sentinels and was unaware of this or just how deadly these guards are for as they started to pass the ramp and the Sentinals, the MP did not change course to the far side of the rim. Before Baba could do anything, two Sentinels were attacking the MP. Baba actually had not been closely watching and does not know if the MP attacked them first or if they just got to close to one of the Sentinels.

Baba was at a loss as to what to do next. He was not about to attack the Sentinels. There was no way the two of them stood a chance against two Sentinels. The MP tried ineffectively to mezz or calm either Sentinel by herselft or with her pets, and the Sentinels made short work of her. She removed herself just as quickly from the team, leaving Baba to wonder about what had just transpired. Was he to blame for not taking the time to run a wide path around the Sentinels? Should he have tried to save the MP, even if it was impossible? If he had been teaming with an omni and come accrose omni guards, would he expect the teammate to follow him in attacking the guards?

Perhaps it is a sign to Baba that it is time to move on to better hunting grounds. According to others, the northeast corner of Perpetual Wastelands should be he next stop for Borg hunting. The Borg there are a bit higher in level than the Mort Borgs. Baba has been there a couple of times before in teams, so he is familiar with the area. So PW is Baba’s next stop.




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