Ninja buffed wallflower

13 08 2008
A quick payback visit to some junkyard dogs.

A quick payback visit to some junkyard dogs on a previous evening.

Baba returned to Sentinels this past Tuesday evening. The Mort sand and lighting storms were intense as he prepared. Although he did not have a significant experience balance at the time, he went ahead and used the insurance terminal, so he would rez back here, saving a trip from Newland City where he last saved. Next he put his name into the Looking For Team window, with the brief not ‘froob wants XP :p’. When he submitted his entry, the window was already full with other players looking for teams, which made him think it would not be long before he got an invite. Unfortunately it never came that evening.

As he spends more time again at the Mort crater, he is developing more little steps towards efficiency. Tonight he used his Yalm to fly from the Sentinals grid point to the crater rim. Once at the rim, he de-Yalmed, and buffed up. After running far enough to realize he had passed several Borg spawn points with no Borg, he activated his Yalm again in order to cruise ahead around the crater at a faster clip. He eventually came accross the reason for the empty spawn ponts, a full Borg hunting team. Baba flew up then and over to the other side of the crater, hopefully to find unmolested Borg.

He cruised down the east side of the crater rim untill he spotted a group of Borg. He lowered to ground level and used his Yalm Borg pulling technique to draw one of the Borg safely away from the others, before hitting the de-Yalm button and then taking the Borg on. Baba continued with this method for a while building up experience till he was about halfway towards the next level.

At this point he flew back over to the Sentinel outpost to use the insurance termial again. After he returned to the rim he approached the area where Elmer Ragg sells his wares, expecting to see the 3 -4 Borg that usually spawn there. He only saw one, so he went ahead and engaged it successfully. This was one of the Major rank Borg. For some reason they seem to be the most able to get off shots when being kited by Baba. So even though Baba did take him down, it cost about 50% of Baba’s health. After the kill, Baba sat to inspect the corpse. and heal. He noticed the Borg had dropped a piece of Miy’s armor and Baba studied it to see if it was something he could equip right away.

Being in a Borg spawn area, Baba should have healed up first and then inspected the loot because the highest rank Borg at the crater, a Brigadeer General spawned behind Baba’s back and immediately started in with several crits befoe Baba knew what was happening. Baba knew it was already a lost cause, taking on such a tough Borg with all of its health, and Baba starting the fight with less than half of his.

Baba valiantly managed to get the Borgs health down to around 25% before Baba’s health ran out.

Back at the Sentinels reclaim, Baba strolled over to the bank terminal and used his recovery time to review his take so far of Miy’s armor and checked to see if any of the weapons looted were anything other than shop food. Although several of the guns were ones Baba had not seen before, none were on his list of valuable weapons that Baba checks from a help file.

About this time real life interupted with a long distance phone call from a family member, so Baba left the AFK message and returned after about 10 minutes. Since all buffs get wiped when you get sent to reclaim, Baba noticed one running in his ncu window. Closer inspection revealed it to be Grid Space Freedom, the uber run and evades buff, Baba would dream about getting before missions.

To capitalize on this bit of good fortune for an unknown player, Baba Yalmed quickly over to the rim and started hunting Borg. After battleing 3 – 4 Borg seperately Baba canceled out the buff. While the evade might have been usefull when fighting similar level mobs in missions statinary style, it was of no help with Borg in the wild. Even with his evades buffed through the roof, for an enforcer at least, the Borg hit too hard to face them in a standup fight. Kiting would not work because the buff made him too fast, the Bork could not keep anywhere near him such that it was too difficult to get close enough to hit them and yet keep moving so they could not hit or shot back.

Baba tried serveral patterns and methods of kiting with this insane amount of speed, but found he was getting hit more than he was hitting them, so he reluctantly killed the buff and went back to his slower but more successfuly method. Baba had once asked in a forum if there was an optimum run speed for Enforcers dealing with Borg. Some said you could never have too much speed, but now Baba knows better. He currently has aroun 400 run speed that when buffed by +10 with quickness, seems to be just the right speed to stay within striking distance of single Borg when leading them in circles.

Baba is learning to vary the width of the circle depending on the particular Borg. For the Brigadeer General rank (which seems to be the fastest running Borg) and the Major rank Borg (which seem the most capable of getting a shot or two off while being kited), he finds that widening the circle untill the Borg has trouble keeping up is the optimun pattern. For most other Borg who run slower and lack the skill to be able to fight while being kited, he tries to keep the circle as tight as possible, since they are very unlikely to hit him, and insureing that all of his strikes hit home.




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