Yalm pulling Borg

12 08 2008
Alien air activity, early evening over Rubi-Ka.

Alien air activity, early evening over Rubi-Ka.

Mort crater, while Baba is currently in the 120 levels, continues to be a fruitful hunting and leveling ground. Baba had intended to make this his first night back on looking for a team, but backed down at the last minute, preferring the known of running the crater solo, to the unknown of social interaction.

It’s allot like swimming in cold water in the summer. The water seems too cold to be unbearable, leading one to stay dry and sweltering rather than take the plunge. Baba knows abstractly that his hesitation is unfounded. There is a brief shock of cold, turns into invigoration and stimulation, but tonight his apprehensions held sway.

So, after having his name on looking for a team for all of 2 minutes, Baba unchecked it, and went back to running the crater rim that evening. In his haste to put the anxiety of avoiding teaming behind him, he foolishly aggro-ed a group of 4 Borg. He had rushed into taunting the first one he saw, before checking to see if there were any others nearby.

This led to Baba discovering or at least noticing a problem with his navigation keys. Via the setup menu, he has created the usual w-a-s-d movement key setup which he uses for regular movement, but he switches to using the arrow keys on the right of his keyboard for combat movement, so the left hand can be used to punch in various nanos, and special attacks.

One problem that with this setup that did not become apparent until he is fighting Borg is that when he uses the right arrow keys for movement, the enter key will not work to lock running on. Also when using the arrow keys, the hot bar keys 1 – 0 do not respond, or respond unreliably. For a while this had him thinking that he could not cast mongo and other combat buffs while running.

After getting more familiar with the Borgs of Mort crater, Baba has started to recognize some of their individuality. The Brigadier General Borg (usually female) seem to have the greatest run speed, necessitating the most attention to running a pattern that keeps them at a safe distance. The Lt. Colonels seem to be the best and most dangerous shots, able to get off at least one shot that does 30-40% damage to Baba in a kited encounter. The majors and other are pushovers if alone.

Baba has started to develop a method for breaking up groups of Borg into dispersed individuals using his Yalmaha. When he comes upon a group of Borg close together, Baba hops into his Yalm and approaches the group slowly until at least one starts running towards him. He then puts the Yalm is reverse and goes far enough so that the Borg are out of sight. He may have to go forward again to re-interest the Borg, but often, by this time, they are more strung out, and when approached, only the closest one comes running, so Baba then back pedals enough to put a comfortable distance from the other Borg, but keeping the target Borg in sight, until Baba drops out of the Yalm and engages the now single Borg.

While it sometimes takes a little time to accomplish, it is more productive than just avoiding the group all together and having to find other quarry. One does have to be very quick with the reverse pedal, when in the Yalm, as even a single shot from a Borg is sure to take a big chunk of health away.




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