Got Borg?

10 08 2008
Lightning and Sandstorms, perfect Mort Borg weather! Click for larger view.

Lightning and Sandstorms, perfect Mort Borg weather! Click for larger view.

On his first outing since equipping his 1k ‘Double Sun’ token board, Baba chose to return to one of his old stomping grounds, Mort, where the Borg are. Baba used this occasion to inaugurate his use of the Sentinels grid exit. With the extra +210 computer literacy from the board, he is now able to get to the third floor of the grid and use most of the terminals there. Once at the small outpost that is Sentinels, it was time to make a quick save to an insurance terminal, even though he has practically no experience due to leveling before logging off the previous night. He ran the short distance over to the Mort crater and said hello to a few of the Sentinel guards, before buffing up. He then started counter clockwise around the crater. He met a steady string of single Borg until he reached the Borg outpost at the southern portion of the crater. There 8 or more Borg bunched up close together there, so Baba did not feel confident yet enough to risk pulling the whole lot, so he hopped back into his Yalm, flew a short hop over the outpost and dropped down to running on foot on the other side to continue around the crater. By the time he made it around to the northern part of the crater rim, the 90k to 150k per Borg experience points had brought him very close to leveling.

Baba was perhaps was feeling over confident at this point, when he came upon a group of 5 Borg fairly close together. He waited for a minute or two, until it appeared that one had ventured closer to him and away from the others. Baba went ahead and used his 30m range taunt, but the one Borg was still close enough to the others to call them join in. Baba has survived such encounters before, even if it meant losing quite a good deal of health. When he switched from mouse control to keyboard at one point, something unfortunate caused him to start spinning. Nothing seemed to work to snap him out of it. While the keyboard was responsive, the mouse was not, and nothing could be done to stop the spinning.

Spinning in place, is definitely NOT a Borg survival technique, and Baba got a fast but instructive review of just how hard Borg hit, and how few Borg hits it takes to wipe out all of Baba’s health.

Baba has been caught by this technical glitch a few times in the past. It seems to require some very odd sequence of unlikely events to occur in the just the right permutation. We suspect the cause may have been an optical mouse, but so far we have not been able to recreate the problem for diagnostic purposes.

Thanks to his wise decision to do a terminal save at Sentinels, Baba rezzed back there, and used the now briefer rez sickness period to enter the shops and review the various requirements for the higher levels of health kits and first aid kits. Ever since hitting level 110 or so, Baba has started to find very high QL level advanced health and nano kits as mob and chest loot, such that he rarely has to buy any. He has built up quite a stash of such kits that are of such high level that he can not equip them yet.

When he was at lower levels, say 50 to 100, he used to buy these kits in large quantities, because they rarely came up as loot, and it was insurance against running out of them when on a team or far from shops. He is finding now, that with his growing stash of high quality kits, he only needs to buy one or two, at any one time, since with luck, he will loot something he can equip fairly soon.

While in the store, Baba used the surgery clinic to bring his health and nano back up to 100% before leaving when the rez sickness passed. After a quick run back to the crater rim, he was back in business, picking of single Borg. This time with a large experience pool to draw from, each kill gave him 60-140K plus another 20k or so from the pool.

Baba got into a rhythm of running along until he found a good single Borg to aggro, and then taking it out, and soon he was close to leveling again. He aggro-ed one Borg which he thought was alone, but it turns out there were several behind a small rise in the ground that also came running with him. Now Baba realized that the +200 runspeed from the 1k board was still not enough to safely outdistance Borgs. It was still not enough to at least put enough distance between them so that Baba could stop long enough to cast a nano. Which illustrates Baba’s problem soloing Borgs. It is difficult to cast many of his nanos while running. While he special attacks all seem to work fine, if he tries to cast a Mongo, or Challenger or rage, it will not take if he is running. The problem of course is that if he stops long enough to successfully cast one of these nanos, the Borg will catch him and land one and perhaps two hits before Baba can get back into running mode. If your health is down to 10%, one or two Borg hits is all it takes to send you back to reclaim.

Sitting back at reclaim in Sentinels for the second time that evening, Baba fumed a bit at himself for not doing proper recon on that last encounter. Saving a few extra seconds doing recon, had cost him another half hour at least of recovering the experience lost.

After his mind cleared a bit, and his temper cooled, and his health returned, Baba scampered back to the crater rim to resume his counter clockwise hunting route.

On this circuit he came across several rim sitters. Rim sitters are Borg who have been pulled away from their normal spots on the rim, and have gotten stuck down at the base of either the outside or the inside of the crater. While it takes an extra effort to find them and get to them, it is worth it, as they are usually alone. Baba spotted his first this evening thanks to his mini-map. He always uses it when hunting Borg at Mort crater. In addition to doing recon as to the number of Borg in the vicinity, it also shows Borg that may be out of sight, behind the crater wall for instance.

This one was just a little ways past the northern point of the rim on the inside. There were several giant slug things nearby, but Baba was able to use his 30 meter taunt to bring the Borg to him, forcing it to do all the hard work, running up the crater wall.

Ring around the Mort sign, helpful Borg kiting aid.

Ring around the Mort sign, helpful Borg kiting aid.

The next time around the crater, when Baba approached the ramp leading down to the Sentinel outpost in the crater, he spotted a lone Borg. Baba had been using the plentiful warning signs as kiting aides tonight. By kiting a Borg around one of these signs, the sign provides enough of a pathing distraction, that the Borg shoots even less, probably because much of the time the sign is blocking their shot, but not Baba’s Panther strikes. This time, Baba kited the Borg to one of the signs that is right in the middle of the down ramp, next to a street light and a Sentinel Guard. The guard must have been feeling easily irritated that evening because before Baba knew it, the Sentinel Guard unloaded his weapon on the poor Borg, and stole Baba’s kill!

At first Baba thought he had angered the Sentinel and it was shooting at Baba, but Baba’s health did not go down, and when the Borg died, Baba got 0 experience. Baba had one more surprise during that evening’s hunt. He had just flew over the southern point camp and de-Yalmed, when he engaged lone Borg major. During the entire evening, with the exception of the few times when he got wiped, Baba rarely got hit by the lone Borg he was kiting. This meant he hardly used any health kits for the night. This one particular Borg had gotten in a lucky crit and knocked Baba’s health down to 50% before Baba sent it packing.

The Borg dropped an interesting weapon, a type of knife which Baba had never seen before. Baba was inspecting it and not paying attention to his surroundings, when a new Borg spawned just a few feet away and immediately attacked Baba. This was the first time Baba has actually seen a Borg spawn on the Mort rim proper. He has seen them spawn in the southern camp, when teaming and farming that spot, but never out on the crater rim.

After a few more circuits, which included usually flying over the camp at the southern rim, Baba was able to level again to 122 and fill his 5 loot backpacks.

He headed back to the Sentinels grid to take him back to Newland City where he sat down in one of the shops to sort through his finds.

Miy's sorting, the relaxing and rewarding end of a Borg hunt.

Miy's sorting, the relaxing and rewarding end of a Borg hunt.

Baba loves hunting, kiting, and looting Borg. He had collected so much new Miy’s armor this trip, it was time to re-organize his banked Miy’s collection. After 20 minutes he had 4 Miy’s bags, sorted by quality level. The best part being that one of those full bags is all QL 120 to 200 Miy’s armor, giving Baba several nice pieces to ‘grow’ into as he levels and his skills increase. He sighed when he remembered that he had come across a Cyborg token board, but could not pick it up because he already had one in the bank.




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