Double Sun Greetings

9 08 2008
Baba greets the day wearing his new Double Sun token board.

Baba greets the day wearing his new Double Sun token board.

Saturday morning found Baba in Newland with 994 tokens rolling missions he hoped would complete his 1k board token quest. The previous evening, after running 6 missions in a row, he had run out of steam, and just could not keep his eyes open any longer, even with those last 6 tokens within reach.

Baba purposely took the first 3 mission that came up with Broken Shores as the location. With the missions close together in the small city of Home, travel time between missions would be eliminated. The first mission was rather uneventful, with Baba concentrating on experimenting with various combos of specials and some new combat moves.

Just one more to go!

Just one more to go!

When Baba completed the first mission, he found he had a total of 999 tokens! He remembered last night that the last mission, he got 5 tokens, plus found another single one in a mob body. Baba started the next mission, just a few doors down in the city of Home. It was hard to concentrate on completing the mission, as he was already starting to think about what the 1k benefits would be. The mission went buy quickly, being a mix of Rhinomen and ninjas. Ninjas are pretty weak and are easy prey for Baba. Rhinomen are tougher and quite social, but they drop that wonderful Rhino armor. Even though it was a rather short mission, there were quite a few Rhino armor drops. Baba was fortunate to pick up some QL 111 Rhinoman gloves to replace his ql 80 ones.

Once the long awaited moment arrived, Baba canceled the 3rd outstanding mission.

Baba sat down where he was when he completed the mission, and removed his token board so he could right click it. This done, Baba’s stats improved drastically. Baba found his run speed amazingly fast on his way out of the mission, thanks to the 1k token board’s boost. No need to put IP into run speed for a while now he thought. The next thing Baba wanted to do was to equip a six slot belt, which his increased computer literacy would now allow him to do. He returned to Newland City and sat down in a shop next to a bank terminal and went to work. Out came his various memory chips and other bits and then he removed what had been the trusty Guardian’s Circuit Board. Then he put in the 6 slot belt, that he got has loot off a dyna-boss quite a while ago. Into it he put 2 morphing memories improved up to level 117, 2 dark memories, and a memory loop. The net result was an increase of 40 or so NCU. Baba had a nice 63k memory module, in inventory, but he was still short some skill points to equip it. Hopefully Baba will be able to equip that soon.

It may be some time before Baba even goes near a mission terminal, and then only if it is as part of a team mission. It time for Baba to get back into playing with others. So the next time he logs in, he may be heading straight for Mort to do a little solo Borg bashing while he waits for his Looking For Team (LFT) entry to snag him a team spot. He is looking forward to being able to kite high level Borgs without needing an outside run speed buff. But don’t let the Borgs tendency put you off, Baba is interested in trying anything froobable. Even some team dyna hunting could be fun.




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