974 Tokens and counting

9 08 2008
Taking a breather in a player city south of 20k

Taking a breather in a player city south of 20k

Baba is very close to completing his 1k token board, and in the last few days, the missions all blur together into one long eye-straining sequence. Rather than rehash the details of those missions, Baba thought he would review what he has learned recently and give us a good look at how Baba uses his Enforcer nano toolkit.

In this batch of 100-120 QL missions Baba has seen Aqua’s drop a good deal of Miy’s armor, while Avian-mates drop rings of essence and endurance.

Hellhounds and T-700-800’s drop mostly insta-drop, cheap ammo, same can be said for any paired mobs. Insta-drop is Baba’s term for junk that it not worth taking up backpack space to lug to the shop. Some other insta-drop items: flower rings, rings of zern, most ammo except shot gun ammo which he saves for Tireen, monster parts (until Baba finds a friend who can make it into plasma for him), robot junk, and robotic self preservation modules. It takes doing something repeatedly, like running enough missions to collect 1k tokens, to start to realize that sometimes taking up backpack slots with items that are worth less than a few hundred credits is not a good idea. Plus Baba is finding that the five packs he carries just for loot in missions start to get full before he completes 3 missions, and he then has to toss low value items to make room for high value finds.

Another bit of wisdom learned is that the entrance area to missions is a red zone. This area just past the inside of the first door often puts one at risk from being attacked by mobs that are roaming the hallways. It pays to not enter any rooms until you have scoured all open hallways for free ranging mobs. It can be a dangerous place to sit and heal after killing the first mob of the mission.

Baba stopped pulling find person and kill person missions and has found it to be no loss and a definite improvement, with no more long waiting sessions for target mobs to move away from remaining missing mobs etc. After hitting level 120 Baba has started to run into mobs that root (Brain dogs and humans.)

In an effort to think of something else than missioning tokens, Baba would like to go over Enforcer nanos, or Why is that enfo always buffing himself?

When one chooses the path of the Enforcer, one may not realize the amount of time they will be casting buffs on themselves. While other professions have both self buffing and team buffs, the Enforcers buffs are mostly of use to Enforcers with the exception of the essence line. Who can turn down more health? The most difficult aspect of successfully using Enforcers nanos is timing. For some reason, the different buffs all have different lengths of time that the benefits last. Baba has 6 buffs he starts every mission or dungeon crawl with. At his current 120 level these are, Essence of Gargantua, Skill of Viking, Barbaric Blades, Grid for Punishment, and Regeneration (not enforcer specific). With his current carbonum/miy’s armor set up this takes roughly half of his available nano pool and NCU.

When Baba was running around the Temple of The Three Winds, he would also cast a whole slew of generic buffs, proficiencies, quickness, etc, that would use up the rest of his nano and ncu. Then when Baba graduated from Foreman’s and started hunting Borgs, he stopped loading up the generic buffs in order to leave room for team buffs from Docs and others.

Let’s look at the core 6 in more detail. The Essence of Gargantua immediately boosts health by 520 and adds +20 to stamina and strength, and it lasts for 1 and a half hours, so fire once and forget. Skill of Viking gives +65 to 2hand edged skill for 45 minutes. Barbaric Blades gives another 256 health and +25 damage shields for 30 minutes. Gird for Punishment adds 436 layers of protection for 20min or as soon as they are used up. Regeneration increases by 3 the heal delta for 20 minutes.

The initial buff up at the start of a mission, means the time to cast these plus sitting and using 1 or two health kits. Essence does not give you the extra health, but the capacity for it, so that when you cast it, you health bar appears to go down. Baba also sports two Hacked Boosted Grafts which he uses. Hacked Boosted Grafts are grafts that once were profession specific. They are not store buyable, but mob and dyna-boss loot. Baba uses a HBG Hasty Augmentation Cloud, which increases damage by +10 for 40 minutes. It locks sensory improvement for 30-40 minutes. He also uses the HBG Lesser Protective Field that gives 168 to all ACs, which again works for 40 minutes and locks Matter Creation for 30 to 40 minutes.

We will now follow Baba thru an example mission. The first mob met turns out to be a barely yellow one, which Baba can dispatch with just a few swings of his Panther. Very little health if any lost, so no healing needed, but time to recast Gird for punishment, as that puny mob used up 200 or so layers. Baba recasts Gird after every fight, so he starts each fight with a complete set of layers. The next mob is either a very red one or two red ones together. Baba attacks and immediately casts a Mongo. If things get tough, say he misses a few, or the mobs got lucky and hit several crits, he may also cast a Burning Rage. This has the effect of speeding up Baba’s Panther swings, but also burns up a few health points. If things are still not going Baba’s way, he may then cast a Challenger which only last for a minute but greatly increases his offensive skills, and damage output, as well as making him 22% bigger. He may repeat hitting Mongo several times for the additional healing. Most people know that Mongo is primarily one of the most powerful AOE taunts in the game. What many but Enforcers don’t know is that it yields about 2k of healing to the caster. 1k immediately and then 108 health points every 2 seconds a total of 10 times. This is why many low level Enforcers sometimes seem to be Mongo happy, to the detriment of those of around them.

The first thing any Enforcer has to do when entering a combat situation is to spot all mobs in the vicinity that could potentially be attracted by a Mongo. In some environments, like the Temple of Three Winds, Mongo’s taunt can travel through walls and excite mobs in adjoining rooms.

When soloing missions, Baba usually finds himself about 1/3 to 1/2 done when his first batch of 20 minute buffs start running out and need to be recast.

Unless he is running low on Nano re-chargers, Baba usually recasts all his buffs except Ess at this point, just to keep things he has to time to a minimum.

Depending on how long the mission takes to complete, Baba may or may not recast his HBG’s if they run out. If he has another mission to complete following this one. He may choose to not recast them now but save them for starting fresh on the next mission. When they do run out in a mission, and Baba does not restart them, he can compensate by utilizing several special ring attacks he has that really on skills that the HBG’s locked. Ring of Tattered Flame, and Ring of Eternal Night. But that is getting into another topic (attacks and specials) for another time.




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