Doubled up mission mobs

5 08 2008
Busy Newland City mission terms on Sunday

Busy Newland City mission terms on Sunday

The mission terminals near the whompas in Newland City were busy this past Sunday. Baba continues to use Newland as his base of operations, as the location continues to be the most convenient for travel to and from missions. For getting to missions, it offers both whompa and grid travel. For quick returns, practically any player city in any region, has a ‘Reets-are-Us’ whompa ready to whisk Baba back to Newland City.

After the string of ring of endurance and ring of essence drops, Baba had thought he had seen his share of mathematical unlikelihoods for a while on his continuing quest to complete his 1k token board via missions. Sunday Baba ran quite a few missions and brought his count up to 879 tokens, and his level to 118. The very first mission set the tone for the day.

Bileswarm greeting party

Bileswarm greeting party

Waiting to great him behind the first door of the first mission were two Bileswarms. The theme continued through out the day, with him coming across pairs of Borg, mantises, snakes, and wolves.

Just to balance things out a bit, fortune wise, he also found a pair of shrines in one room. While several of the day’s missions featured Borgs, Baba’s personal favorites, he also pulled one with his least favorite, Hellhounds. They seem to take a bigger chunk of his health than any other comparable level mob, so once it was clear they were the main mob type in this mission, Baba loaded up his Delayed Health payment hacked boosted graft. When soloing before he got this graft, a mission with hellhounds meant drastically drawing down his supply of health kits. This particular boosted graft allowed him to avoid that. The steady infusion of health meant was enough that he only had to use health kits occasionally during the rest of that mission.

White dot is mission objective, to get tokens, it must be killed LAST.

White dot is mission objective, to get tokens, it must be killed LAST.

Baba also had a pair of mission types that have convinced him to eliminate find person and kill person type missions from his mission rolling choices. The two missions in question were kill person missions, where the intended victim happened to be located in the center of a large room, ringed by small rooms with single mobs in each of the room. Fortunately the victim does move about, albeit slowly and not very often, around the larger room. It took Baba from 30 to 45 minutes to complete each room because of this. It required waiting in a side room until the victim moved to the far side of the large room, then sprinting from one side room to the very next, hoping to not be spotted. Using this method Baba was able to slowly make his war around the perimeter of the room and finish all the mobs, and then kill the victim in order to collect the needed tokens.

While it may mean taking a few more minutes rolling missions due to reducing the number of acceptable missions, Baba will try it to see if it works better than having to use a quarter of an hour just to take out 6 or seven mobs.




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