Room variety in missions

2 08 2008

Baba dinged 116 running missions Thursday evening and brought his token count up to 784. He got lucky again and found another ‘extra’ clan token in a mission crate. He continues to pick up several QL 129+ implants or clusters on missions now, though it may still be a while before he has enough to start thinking about upgrading himself with a full set. He also found two nice rings recently. A Ring of endurance which gives 4-8 stamina and strength and a Ring of Essence, that gives strength 20, stamina 10 .

Baba set them aside to place in his banked buffing items backpack. It always seems that when it comes time to try and equip something difficult and all the major contributing items to the meet the requirements are in place, but then the total comes up just a few points short. That is when items like these come in handy. The nice thing about these is they have rather modest requirements.

Baba tried exiting the Lush Hills omni grid on one of his missions, and got two 100k hits for his efforts from an omni guard. Baba recommends holding down your forward button when rezzing out of this grid exit, so that your Yalmaha is moving and will be out of range before the guard can react. This time Baba got caught because he paused for a second before starting to fly his Yalmaha away from the grid exit. At least his yalm was fast enough to get him out of range before his health ran out. This prompted him to go back and edit his list of clan friendly grid points to show that 2HO is a 25% zone. The guards there may be avoidable while in a yalm, but it is also a popular Omni player ganking spot. High level Omni often lurk there on busy nights, just waiting for low level clanners to show.

Tireen was delayed from her further Omni reconnaissance, as Baba put in a request that she use her access to well stocked Omni trade shops to find him a higher quality Flurry of Blows. Somehow Baba has overlooked upgrading his, as he was still using a QL 29 one. At first Tireen tried running back and forth from one advanced shop to the next in Omni Trade. We needed to multitask with the real world for a few minutes, so she used the ‘sit and wait for 2 minutes’ method where you enter a shop, check the appropriate vending machine for your needed item at your desired quality level, and walking out of the store and sitting down for 2 minutes, and then repeating. Since the shops change inventory every 2 minutes or so, when no one is in the shop, this method takes advantage of that and lets you do something else during those waiting 2 minutes. (Chat, read shopping channel, read a book etc.) After several cycles she found a QL 79 Flurry that Baba could equip and purchased it.

The last mission of the evening had one of those medium sized rooms with a small boulder/wall in the middle, which a mission target mob walks around. If Baba is careful, he can then sneak past around the wall in order to kill the last regular mission mob in an adjoining room. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd time Baba has recognized this room design since hitting level 100. He seemed to get many new mission room layouts when he hit level 100 For a while, he was seeing new room designs that were unfamiliar to what he had seen in levels 1-100.

Level design has such a great deal to do with the overall quality of the experience in first person games, and it is one area where Baba wishes Anarchy Online would do better.




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