Handy bot commands in AO

2 08 2008
Baba's annual physical

Baba's annual physical

Baba took some time last evening to learn a few useful tricks with his guild’s bot. Bots are a guild benefit that froobs can partake of fully. If you are not in a guild, you still have access to several in game chat bots including: itemsbot, helpbot, and recipebot.

Baba learned how to use the timer command, the is command, and the logon command. !timer can be used to set up a countdown timer, very handy when camping mobs with known spawn rates. The command is /tell (botsname) !timer 3:30 (timername). The bot then notifies you progressively on the timers progress and sends a tell when the time is up. The is command is a fast way to find out if someone is logged on. The syntax is /tell (botname) !is (playersname). The bot will check and reply indicating if the person is in game or not. The last new command he learned is !logon which provides a sort of tag line that is displayed within your guilds chat channel after your name when you first log in. The syntax is /tell (botname) !logon (The message you want) It is a great way to personalize your log in announcement, and you can use it to announce news or what your current in game goals are etc.

Kite room

Kite room

Baba discovered another new type of ‘room’ that he had never seen before on a mission yesterday evening. The mobs in the mission were Borgs, and this room provided a new fun way to kite Borgs. The room is basically a long hall with doors at each end, and a sunken area in-between with stairs on both ends. Baba found he could kite Borgs into the pit area, and then run to the top of the stairs, turn around, start running and jump up and over the Borg down in the deep part, then land on the stairs on the other side, run up them, and repeat. The Borgs never got a shot off or touched him, but his trusty Panther was chopping away the whole time.

Baba continues to work towards his 1K token board, with his latest tally being 819, less than 200 to go! On a recent mission Baba observed some mob behavior he has never seen before. He was about half way through a mission with Borg mobs, when he had to take care of something that would only take a few minutes in real life that it happened. When the interruption came, he had just peeked into a room to identify the type of mob in it. The mob was a Borg, so Baba backed away a bit sat down and waited while we took care of what we had to in RL. We were a bit concerned about leaving Baba sitting defenseless like that near a door with an active Borg strolling about on the other side, but it could not be avoided.

A few minutes later we returned and found Baba unmolested, however when he strode into the room that was holding a Borg, all he found was one of those diseased scurrying things instead. There was no other door to the room, so Baba is a bit perplexed and wondering what actually happened. He is certain he DID see a Borg there previously. It could be just one of those things. That evening, there had been several disconnections, and other strange happenings clearly due to lag. Several times he found himself suddenly ‘rubber banded’ back to where he had been a few seconds ago. Given the vagaries of the Internet, it is a wonder anything works at all over it.

Continuing on, the following Saturday morning, Baba began a series of missions where Avian Mates were the primary type mob (115-117 level). They do not seem to have much of value in their loot tables. Baba did however in the course of 6 missions collect 5 rings of endurance and 3 rings of essence, all from Avian Mates. In his last mission, 3 rings of endurance dropped from individual Avians. While not the biggest buff around, they are not no drop, so he could share them.




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