Tireen recons Omni-Trade grid

31 07 2008
Guards at Omni-Trade grid

Guards at Omni-Trade grid

Tireen made her fist report back to Baba from scouting Omni grid locations in Omni Trade and Omni Entertainment districts. Clan exiting the grid at these locations should do so only if they are yalm equipped, as there are multiple heavily armed guards at both locations that will make short work of clanner on foot. The whompa exists are less heavily guarded, but still not recommended for passage on foot. Tireen also reports that there is really little or no reason for clan to want to pass this way at all. There is nothing in Omni Trade that would interest clan players. While there are a nice concentration of shops, with slightly lower prices and better selection, there are just enough guards roaming the city, to make shopping sprees quite costly for clanners. As far as using Omni Trade as an exit point to reach nearby regions, Omni entertainment might be a better choice for that purpose, and Tireen will cover that in her next report.

Notum Transports

Notum Transports

Baba had one mission left from the previous night, so he next found himself in the north eastern corner of Clondyke, near the extensive mining site. It was a kill person mission and the target was blocking access to a door leading to several more rooms with 5 more mobs. He tried buffing up and running past the target, however this time the target did attack him. Since it was a human melee type mob, Baba tried to see how long he could ignore it and concentrate on killing off the remaining mobs. This was not going to work tonight, as with a combination of the luck of the role, Baba caught several crits from both the target and the first mob he attacked, such that by the time the first mob hit the floor, Baba’s health was down to less than 25%. Rather than risk continuing to kill mobs while the target attacked him, and most likely getting sent back to reclaim, Baba chose to take out the target. This saved Baba’s life, but caused him to forfeit the mission’s tokens.



Baba finished the remaining mobs, to at least get the experience and meager credits, and then returned to Newland City to roll 3 more missions. The gods of rolling and permutations must have hiccupped somewhere as Baba found 3 missions in just a few rolls, each with a battle suit (worth 150K+) as part of the reward. Baba usually considers it lucky when he pulls even one of these.

Baba was still grumbling to himself about this, all through the next mission, when one of the mobs he felled gave up an extra clan token. Also on his way to one of the missions, he passed the Omni base in northern Clondyke where the giant Notum cannons fire their payloads into orbit. He normally flies quite high when over Omni bases, but he was flying tree top this time, and as a result spotted another one of those armored land trains again. This one was not painted in military camo, and he now surmises that they are some kind of Notum transports, meant to carry Notum to the base from the nearby mines.

He only completed one of the Battle suit missions and had to quit early that evening. He also reviewed his logs from the last mission which had Borgs as the mobs. Fighting a Borg stationary fashion incurs 3 times as much damage as kiting them, at least that is what the log shows. Baba is has been wondering for some time what other mobs this also applies to. This is something Baba intends to try and find out on his next few missions.




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