Froob Enforcer Mission Gold

29 07 2008

Back when Baba was level 65-70, he became quite comfortable with the revenue stream that was the sewers in Foreman’s/Biomare. He even locked his experience for a week or two to build up his credit balance before leaving. It was a good strategy for he spent levels 70 to 100 leveling on Borg teams, which are superb for experience but rather meager in terms of loot and credits. There are still some nice pieces that drop leveling on Borgs, but they are not very frequent, mostly Miy’s armor.

When not leveling on Borgs, Baba collected/bought a new implant set based on bumped shop QL 125 implants. At the time he was wondering where he would ever find higher quality implants when he needs to upgrade his implants again. In the last few missions he has started finding a steady source of QL 129+ implants and clusters, so much that he has even started separate storage/holding packs in his bank.

Baba and Babtrice

Baba and Babtrice

Baba started this past Sunday off with a transfer session with his mule Babtrice and his alt trader Tireen from their new ‘base’ in the backyard on ground level at the very end of the Newland City canyon. First Baba has to plug into his bank and he sorts out any loot that he wants to save and then finds an appropriate pack in the bank to store it in. Still smarting from his recent mistake of buying a second unnecessary enforcer nano, he sorted out all of his enforcer nanos into one bag and updated his in-game help file to correctly list all the enforcer nanos he is holding until his skills allow him to load them.

Next Baba and his mule Babtrice exchanged his full loot bags for her empty bags. Baba also gave her a stack of shotgun shells for Tireen. Then it was time for Baba to log off and for Tireen to log in to accept the full loot bags from Babtrice. When this was complete Tireen would run to the Mir shop to trade in the loot. Tireen previously did a price check and found that the Mir shop machines give her the same rate she gets from street NPCS or vending machines in Omni-Trade. Tireen now only goes to Omni-Trade when she needs to purchase something. She never however, needs to buy shotgun shells, since Baba seems to find enough in his missions to keep her well supplied.

Once all the shop tasks were completed, Tireen and Babtrice logged, and it was time for Baba to roll some missions. He decided to try rolling from there in Newland City, rather than from the mission terminals he had been using near apartment 16 in Old Athens. To save steps, and travel time, the terminals just across from the Bronto Burger seemed to be a good candidate and worth a try. That worked out perfectly, after pulling 8 missions and running them, they were no different in location or type than those he had been getting at the other location, so for the near future Baba will be using Newland City as his day-to-day base. He’s still keeping his apartment back in Old Athens’ for the same reason most people avoid moving, it would be allot of time and work to move all of his stuff from one location to another.

Many of his missions have been to Clondyke, Broken Shores, Pleasant Meadows, Milky Way, Belial Forest, Stret East Bank. Prior to hitting level 100, he rarely if ever had missions there. In trying to learn about these areas and how to quickly and safely travel around them Baba put in a little study time with the maps of Rubi-Ka with attention to the grid and whompa locations.

Baba’s Clan Safe Grid List:

Completely Safe:
Broken Shores
Old Athens
Borealis (just don’t ask the omni-guards at the satellite dish for autographs)
West Athens
4 Holes

Use with Caution:
(Yalmaha only – not on foot)
2HO (25% zone, don’t tarry)
Galway County
Lush Hills (keep a building between you and the guard)

Not Safe:
Omni Entertainment
Omni Trade
Rome Omni-Tek 91 2

Accessible but high computer lit requirements:
Camelot – not scouted yet
Mort/Sentinels – clan safe
Omni-HQ – not scouted yet

One of the main reasons why Baba choose Newland City for his base is that there are whompa entrances to Newland City practically everywhere in Rubi-Ka thanks to the player cities. So for most missions now, Baba use’s the closest safe grid or whompa route to get there and almost always, uses a player city whompa to return. He is going to coordinate with Tireen who is going to run some reconnaissance on the Omni and Rome grid and player city whompas for possible surreptitious clan use.

There was not a great deal to comment on in this past Sunday’s batch of missions. There was one curious encounter at the end of one mission that has puzzled Baba. It was a find person type mission and Baba had managed to take out all the mobs except one which was in a room just past the find person target. Since the find person target was a pretty weak looking human type mob, Baba decided to risk it, and planned on running past it and attacking the other mob, hoping to kill it, while absorbing the blows from the find person target, and then engaging the target.

To prepare, he ran one of his Challenger nanos. Since it was in a very tight and close cave type location, he had to run right past the target by just a few feet, directly in front of it. To his surprise the target completely ignored him, and stayed put, leaving Baba to continue running into the room beyond. After Baba took out the last mob, He peeked back out through the door. By now his Challenger has worn off but the target was facing the other direction, so he was able to select the target and get his reward and tokens. He then decided to try running past again, but this time the find person mob attacked him, which was no problem to deal with, but it was perplexing. Why did it ignore it the first time?

At the end of the day, Baba had leveled to 115 and gained several nice Froob buffing items. Both are boosted grafts, which start out being profession specific, but with enough skill and a hacking device, can be hacked so that they can be used by any profession. It does not require high tradeskills, just a few extra points in breaking and entering which always helps opening chests in missions. It was easy for Baba to hack both.

Hacked Boosted Graft Periodic Checkup

Periodic Checkup

Baba is the most excited about a doctor graft called Periodic Checkup, a respectable HOT (heal over time, 22 to 35 health points every 5 seconds for 20 minutes). The first time he tried using it on a mission; he never had to resort to using his treatment kits while it was running. The only shortcoming is it only works for 20 minutes but has a 30 minute skill lock, so it can’t be run non-stop. For an Enforcer it’s the next best thing to having a Doc along. These things are gold for froob Enforcers.

The next item provids a respectable damage reflect, but has an extremely limiting skill lock. It is known as a Lesser Deflection Shield hacked-boosted graft. The plus side is that it reflects 13% of damage. The downside is that it locks Time and Space for 30 minutes. Since first aid kits require Time and Space to be used, Baba has been able to come up with only one scenario where it could be useful for Enforcers and that is when teaming Bosses at the end of raids, missions, or dungeons. The buff would help and it would not matter if Time and Space was locked in those scenarios.

Before logging for the day, Baba spent some downtime allocating out his skill points from hitting level 115. As a result he was then able to equip two Enforcer nanos he has been looking forward to upgrading.

Gird for punishment

Gird Nano

Ther first was the layers nano Gird for Punishment, which can be re-cast between encounters. The other was the Mighty Challenger to Gargantua, which buffs damage and offense as well as making Baba taller and more imposing. While not valuable as items, they are part of the standard Enforcer tool kit, that must be upgraded every few levels. Baba has been able to get almost all of his profession specific nanos from missions, further reinforcing the value of running missions.

The last thing Baba noted was his token count, which was now at 727, practically at the 3 quarters point to his 1k board goal. Once gets his 1k board full, it will be time to hit the LFT (looking for team) menu again.




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