Token on down the line…

25 07 2008
Baba perched in Clondyke

Baba perched in Clondyke

Baba seems to have been on a roll pulling missions to either Pleasant Meadows, Upper East Stret, Clondyke, or Lush Hills for the last few nights. Despite not changing his mission settings, he has also seen a very wide variety of mobs for a change, including, humanioids, manteezes, avain mates, Aquans, droids, and one of his least favorites Hellhounds.

Even with kiting, hellhounds seem to drop Baba’s health more than any other mob of the same level, or about the same as the T-700 driod things. Baba definitely thinks twice about approaching a room with two or more of either types inside. If he does, it is not without casting a few extra nanos like a Challenger, making sure his alphas are unlocked, and places one finger over his mongo button. More than once repeated mongos, is the only way to survive soloing a pair of hellhounds or T-700s.

The Avian Mates were a seen by Baba for the first time on a recent mission. They look like a flying demon with 2 sets of wings. Since they kind of fly around and hover, Baba likes to train these into large rooms or halls and then use his prodigious Enforcer jumping skills to fight them, kind of like rocket jumping in Quake.

Baba is primarily doing missions right now to collect tokens for his 1k board. In the last six missions recently he got two with Plasteel Battle Suits as rewards. Tireen pulls in 175,000+ for these from the shops. He also found something he had not hear of before. A personal grid converter is what it is called. The description seems to imply that it provides grid access from org city’s by clicking on their grid controller. Sounds like just a curiosity, since at this point Baba doesn’t spend much time at his org’s city being a froob, and also it looks like it can only be used once (one charge.)

While researching the personal grid converter we found a site in french with a nice collection of AO dungeon maps.

One thing Baba has noticed that appears to be new in Rubi-Ka following his return is that in mission mobs seem to move around more. They used to mostly just stand on one place, or at best walk back and forth a few paces. The mobs now traverse whole lengths of halls and some even change rooms. It was quite a surprise when after he trained a mob into a hall way and was working on it, another attacked him from behind. The second mob had come through a door way from a room out into the hall and Baba is sure he did not bump into the door and open it for the mob.

Fortunately, the mobs are still mostly stupid and non-social between life forms, so using Enmity, it is fairly easy to pull single mobs away from clumps of several in large rooms, without the whole pack getting involved.

Baba's 1st Alt Tireen & 1st mule Babtrice

Baba's 1st Alt Tireen & 1st mule Babtrice

Baba, his alt Tireen, and their mule Babtrice had been meeting in backyard #1 in Newland City. Baba had picked it out initially because it was off the beaten path, and hopefully they would not be interrupted, and because this was his first time dual logging, he wanted as few distractions as possible. Now that dual logging is becoming old hat, the run from the whompa for Tireen is getting to be a drag, so Baba moved their meeting place to the backyard that is on ground level right next to the Reet’s R Us bar, which is much more convenient for Tireen, being just a few steps from the whompa to ICC.

Baba tried setting Babtrice to follow Baba and attempted to lead her from one backyard to the other. This quickly showed Baba some of the problems he has read about with pathing. Babtrice got hung up in several places on the way. What was really odd, however was on Baba’s screen he could see Babtrice a few steps behind him in the middle of the square they were crossing, but then she disappeared. On Babtrice’s screen she was still back at the last point where she had gotten stuck, and when she ran under her own power to where Baba was, he was nowhere to be seen, however, switching back to Baba, and he could then see her. No wonder dual logging is mostly just used for transactions and buffing!

Baba and Tireen used this last trade off of loot to be shop fooded, to also do some price comparisons on stock commodity items like health kits and nano-rechargers. Baba even with computer lit skill that is several hundred more than Tireen pays what looks to be around 5-8% more for these kinds of items, than Tireen does from Omni Shops.

Armored tank train outside of 20K

Armored tank train outside of 20K

On his last mission for the night this past Thursday, as he was leaving a completed mission in 20K in Pleasant Meadows, he spotted a very wierd looking land vehicle. Actually it was as a train of huge military (armored and armed) transporters of some type. They had tank treads instead of wheels. Just one of those surprises that pop out as one explores the expanses of Rubi-Ka. Baba has no idea if these things are just eye candy or if they ever move or get involved in gameplay. Baba tried right clicking them, but got no info displayed.

We came across a nice online utility that will help Anarchy Online players determine what maps they lack, and of those, which ones they could equip with their current skill level ‘Which maps am I missing?‘ is an online form that you give a list of the maps you have and your navigation skill level, and it comes back with a list of maps you don’t have, but could equip. Much faster than going through the map list one by one at a shop machine. The site also offers a ‘Premade imps filter’ page which helps you find premade implants to fit a specific need.




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