Baba returns to Rubi-Ka

23 07 2008

After about 7 months, Baba could no longer stand not roaming the wilds of Rubi-Ka, and since his real life situation as at best stabilized, there was no longer any reason preventing him from enjoying Anarchy Online. He was greatly surprised at how much he has unlearned over this short time away. He found his keyboard and hot key setup almost completely foreign to him. Worse, even after he re-identified all the combinations, he needed to relearn so much of the underlying systems.

Rather than embarrass himself and his guild mates by stumbling around for a few weeks and definitely not being team capable, he decided to roll an alt and a mule. The alt was to go back and start over again with at Shuttle port Island. The mule, a character on a new separate froob account, to simply facilitate moving items and credits between Baba and his alt Tireen. Tireen, Baba’s 1st alt, is now a level locked at 10. She is an Omni trader to maximize shop food credits, and to be able to buy Omni med suits. She has also finds the omni areas seem to have more shops with better selection, which could become useful when shopping for things like implants.

She sports an improved solar shotgun, and an other low quality shotgun, plus the beginners armor. At level 10 she does not have to worry about insurance fees, and with her starter nanos and a few others can easily blitz ql 10 missions if needed. Babtrice, Baba and Tireen’s mule, sports a froob t-shirt and a zebra stripe outfit, which is all she needs to fulfill her role.

They settled on using a backyard in Newland City to meet and swap credits and items. One interesting thing they discovered was that even though backpacks loose their unique assigned names when they are given to another, if and when the backpack returns to the original person, they get their unique name back. So if Baba gives is ‘red backpack’ to Babtrice, it turns into ‘small backpack’ in her inventory, after it has traveled to Tireen, back to Babtrice, and finally returns to Baba, it will again show up in his inventory as ‘red backpack’.

For the past month, after starting Tireen at the island, we have been leveling her up to ten, and then running a few missions in Omni land, just to get a tourists eye view of all that has been hidden to us before. We were struck by how deserted most Omni big cities are compared to Old Athens. At the most we may have seen 15 toons in Rome on a Saturday night, and those were on the dance floor at Baboons.

It was fun, seeing how combat works as a different profession. The trader thing seems to be cast drains, root if possible, and then wail away with your weapon. After getting comfortable with the controls and familiarized again with Rubi-Ka, it was time to take Baba out for a some warm up missions, so for the last week he has been running a few missions each night. When we left him 7 months ago, he was at level 111 and had a little less than half of the tokens for his 1k board. Since he restarted running missions, he has upped his token count past the half way mark and it sits at around 622 now. He has adopted getting the 1k board as his current short term goal. At his current rate, this may take another 20-30 missions.

At that point, he may feel confident enough to venture out with teams again. Last night on a mission that had his current least favorite mobs, the T-770’s, his best hits of the evening were fast attack 1991, regular panther hit 2279, and brawl hit 1504, all of which were thanks to the buffs from a Brave Challenger to Gargantua cast.




One response

24 07 2008

Glad to see your back. Maybe If I Actually level my advy we can team some. Oh and love the design, very professional compared to mine. ^.^

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